The Shift
This is all about the shift in ways that you and I may choose to process our sensory experiences at present moment than we may have done couple of years back which may create substantial differences in quality of life. The observable changes that I and you may be convinced about and when they are serving us better in current context of time and space, it is surely worthy of attention & interest for our learning & growth.
NLP taught me to slow down to experience shifts in my approach by observations and calibration. To observe and calibrate shift in the effects that I create today on people, through language that I choose, attitudes & behaviors I employ makes me do what I can do today. For those who do not know me, I am a published author, NLP Lifestyle Coach and Trainer, Social Panorama Consultant (a modality in mental space psychology to improve social life and relations).
My ways of being about couple of years back were in a space which was not working in my favor in certain ways that I wished them to be. And I was getting more and more inquisitive to find ways forward and create options. And my journey of transformation began since then about 3 decades back. And as I sense myself congruent today with what I wished to be, I guess it could be interesting for you to find out what those major shifts were? What steps or activities created me the way I think, emote or process my moments today? This is exactly what I guess may be interesting.
In a nutshell, the shift is from a compulsive living to a more responsive living style. The steps were to pause, reflect, analyze and prioritize actions by operating with conscious awareness in given context of time and space. I look forward to share my experiences about this SHIFT.
I created the concept of NLP+ with this shift in mind. NLP+ Lifestyle is an exclusive offering from Neuromind Leadership Academy, India.
Neuromind awards its own certificates. The training content is developed by Neuromind around core practices of NLP with an enhanced outcome for the NLP+ practitioners at every succeeding levels of their learnings & applications. NLP+ congruently binds and trains the participants to access both mind body (conscious mind) and habit body (subconscious mind) with appropriate practices to bring about innate & conscious shifts in language, attitude & behavior. And NLP+ works!!!
Neuromind has been offering intensive NLP+ Training, Coaching & Mentoring on one on one basis from 2017. It has commenced its training in group format with it’s first batch of NLP+ Lifestyle Foundation Workshop through it’s workshop on 27th & 28th July 2019 and subsequently with 7 days NLP+ Lifestyle Practitioner Certification workshop in Kolkata. Patterning, calibrating, tweaking, learning, eliciting with NLP+ at The School of Human Excellence, Neuromind Leadership Academy, Kolkata, India since then is creating hope and options for participants.

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