Primarily NLP is a tool which allows you to take charge of your mind and flow of thoughts therein. Secondarily knowledge of NLP allows you to access and reprogram your language, attitude & behavior. In essence it provides you effective means to process your experiences in most appropriate and essential ways in given context of life situations. NLP provide you options to switch from an unconscious to a conscious way of operating yourself both internally and externally. It allows you to break open from all sorts of compulsive living practices. And it enables you towards an empowered and responsive living.

NLP+ is an approach model to process human experiences and to deal with the environment. It is a specialized behavioral model. It is an application of sub-conscious mind practices to enhance, absorb and apply the NLP learning to raise our level of conscious learning & awareness.

NLP+ practices allow us as practitioners to process our life experiences in most congruent and useful ways. And then it is easier to be aligned with our core values. It enables us adopt living practices with absolute clarity of intent and purpose. It makes us experience life with awareness, focus, conviction & clarity of intent. It makes us consistently contribute to our self-esteem and self-respect and enjoy a respectful living.

“Your conscious mind is the seed of your identity – it is your identity mind. And your sub-conscious mind is the seed of your habit – It is your habit mind.” –
Shantanu Das Sharma, International Master NLP+ Lifestyle Trainer & Coach

The brain, and in fact any biological or social system, is organized into levels. Your brain has different levels of processing. As a result you can have different levels of thinking and being. When we are working to understand the brain, or to change behaviors, we need to address these different levels. The same thing will be true inside a business system where there are different levels of organization.

From the psychological point of view there seem to be five levels that you work with most often. The basic level is your 1) environment, your external constraints. 2) You operate on that environment through your behavior. 3) Your behavior is guided by your mental maps and your strategies, which define your capabilities. 4) These capabilities are organized by belief systems, which are the subject of this work and 5) Beliefs are organized by identity.

So when a person is experiencing difficulty, what you might want to know is whether this difficulty is coming from his external context, or is it that he doesn’t have the specific sort of behavior required by that environment? Is the reason because he hasn’t developed the appropriate strategy or map to generate that behavior? Is it because he lacks belief, or has a conflicting belief which interferes with his life or his outcome? Finally, is there any interference at the level of identity of the whole system?

NLP+ Lifestyle is our signature creation and a lifestyle with enhanced NLP application or practices which effectively fuses the brilliant outcomes of both conscious and the sub-conscious mind training with core NLP and augmented modalities to strategically slow down, intervene and elicit the unconscious (limiting behavioral/language) patterns to replace them with conscious and congruent patterns of excellence. NLP+ Lifestyle Coaching is my signature certification program from practitioner to master trainer level. It is to effectively elicit individual excellence, performance acceleration & facilitation. Achievable at all five neurological levels or appropriate levels of change in ways which is congruent to the participant’s inherent personal values, sense of self and purpose. It ensures gaining optimum time leverage for professionals and individuals as participants to maximize their growth in minimum time to effectuate maximum consequences.

Our beliefs are a very powerful force on our behavior. It is common wisdom that if someone really believes that he can do something he will do it, and if he believes something is impossible no amount of effort will convince him that it can be accomplished. Beliefs like “It’s too late now;” “There’s nothing I can do anyway;” “I am a vicitim…….my number came up;” can often limit a person from taking full advantage of their internal resources and unconscious competence.

Dr. Lucas Derks

Lucas Derks Ph.D is a Social Psychologist, a scientific member of the board of the Society Of Mental Space Psychology (SOMSP) since 2012 and a fellow member of the International Laboratory for Mental Space Research since 2003.

From approximately 1970 onwards he developed an interest in psychology. He started his study in 1976 and obtained his master’s degree in psychology in 1982. His interest in NLP started when he came into contact with the work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1977.  This was the start of his voyage into this subject, and he soon followed an NLP Practitioner’s training, and a master’s training in Nijmegen. He has been active as an NLP Therapist since 1982. In 1986 he decided to devote himself exclusively to NLP based practices. From 1993 onwards, he became involved in the development of a new method in the field of social systems: The Social Panorama. The connection between NLP and social psychology became his major activity over the last decade. In 2013 he started the Institute for Mental Space Psychology (SOMSP) together with Robert Hemelaar and Rene Koppelaar. Their goal is to provide a platform for all people interested in the psychology of mental space and to facilitate scientific research into this exciting field. The general principles that give shape to the social panorama gave rise to Mental Space Psychology – Space as the primary organizing principle in cognition.

Ramesh R Prasad

R RAMESH PRASAD is an International NLP Trainer & Coach and Founder of Onefluencer. He engages with people who are changing the world in which they live and work, using the versatile tools available through Neuro-Linguistic Programming so that they are Master of modern times. His work takes him to different parts of India, Sri Lanka, France, The UK and South Africa.

He is trained and mentored by Sue Knight who pioneered the application of NLP in Business. The core of NLP is modeling excellence and this enables him to learn and share from the best.

ONEFLUENCER bring the most inspirational NLP training & coaching courses. And Onefluencer runs all levels of training, from the Foundation, Practitioner, Master Practitioner to Trainer Training. Each course is unique and offers experiential learning at many levels.

Sue Knight

Sue Knight is a consultant to leaders in business, an NLP trainer, an author, a coach and a speaker. She works with leaders and companies throughout the world especially France, South Africa, Denmark, Turkey, India, UAE, Portugal and Australia as well as in the UK and the US. These companies include The Academy for Chief Executives, Nationwide Building Society, Invesco, Strandgaard Consultants, The BBC, IBM, Paul Smith, British Energy, Cisco Systems, Transform People International, and CIPD as well as many small organizations and individuals. And above all she is an NLP Trainer offering courses round the world in the skills and thinking of NLP. She is an author of NLP at Work – exploring the practical applications of NLP in everyday business situations, an NLP and Leadership manual, a pocket book introduction to NLP, and a Personal Selling Skills workbook.

Her mission is to support leaders in business to make a difference, not only in their business, but also in the world at large by living out values such as truth, integrity, learning, commitment, fun and love. She is honored to have been quoted as being someone who ‘brings out the heart and soul of businesses.