Shantanu offers individual sessions via Skype, as well as in-person in Kolkata, India.

His approach is a blending of a full range of NLP methods, plus interventions with Social Panorama Modalities, the Sub-Conscious Mind Programming Process, and other newer methods of coming to deeper harmony within ourselves and with our world. He will bring his insight, compassion, and sense of humor to your situation and your elicited values and congruent goals as you explore together what you want and how this begins to unfold.

If you are interested, contact Shantanu by e-mail. (Email him at: Please include your name, your e-mail address, a brief statement of what you want to get out of a personal session, and times that work best for you. Include any questions you may have.

His rates are Rs.4,000/hr prorated by the length of the session.